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Boosting the Economy

Some people never learn.........


Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Economic Wise Men


Via SAT-Stations  CC

Luebeck, Thursday, 15 January 2009

Free English translation on 2 September 2021. 

Rough but Fair / Economic Boosting Programme II/

Please let the German-language letter be translated into many languages and be handed to over the right places.


Dear Sirs, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yesterday, in the above-mentioned programme, a statement was made by a leading politician from the Saarland which shocked me very much, as it was quite clear from this statement that the heart of the entire national economy is the financial industry and that it is not the money earned and generated which was intended as the countervalue of an achievement rendered.

Money should always remain a medium of exchange and not be put into any kind of stocks, otherwise this means of payment should be abolished and we should fall back into a time when natural goods or labour power were common as a means of exchange!

It cannot be that a statement like this is valid:

"First the financial institutions, the Commerzbank must be provided with 18 billion euros", whereby it is recognisable by the experts that the risk that this high sum, which no longer fits into the imagination of a human being, can also be lost, should the Commerzbank be unsuccessful in its business.

Why do these financial institutions have to be supplied with such sums first?

"So that money can be made again and the funding for education and schooling, which has been budgeted at 6.5 billion, can be put into the stimulus package."

"Can entrepreneurs remain without the financing of the financial institutions or can they do without it?", was then the counter-question to the politician who defended this programme, which basically allows the money to flow in through the state so that the economy is boosted by, among other things, additional budgeted money amounting to about 400 euros spread over the whole year, thus strengthening the purchasing power of the respective consumer, whereby a special bonus for the purchase of a new vehicle should take effect against the scrapping of an old one.

In other words, without money being able to be borrowed by the financial institutions, i. e. without using borrowed money, which should increase by itself through the flow of finance including shares and further speculation, no enterprise can come into being or remain in existence and thus no money can be generated!

In this context, something very significant was noticed, because not only the companies and the state itself are very highly indebted and dependent on the financial industry, but also the population, i. e. private households, have taken advantage of this way of life and got involved in debts, partly although there was no need, because the livelihood would have been secured and sufficient, which presumably also applies in part to the high national debts!

From the survey of the population, one could clearly see that a savings book is by and large only invested for the children and one could also see that basically only the old person, who no longer has so many needs, keeps a savings book.

Even the "house builder" first had to borrow a large part of the money through the bank and get into debt, which makes the debtor, i. e. the house builder, easier to blackmail on the labour market and thus also has to perform unscrupulous activities, which he might have been able to refuse without a debt trap, but in this case there is a real asset, a house or a condominium, which he could sell in an emergency without making a loss.

And now we come to the point of this letter, leaving open the question in this letter of where or from whom one can borrow money of this magnitude.

The psyche of the individual is being worked on from all sides by advertising via TV, radio, Internet, billboards, advertisements and magazines, and advertising is getting better and better at targeting!

Luring offers and arousing desires is the high and highest goal of commerce, whether the needs are there or not, whether something is needed to live or whether it is only the desire of glitz, glamour and luxury that the psyche already needs, whether the psyche wants to be kept busy and entertained or the addiction to pleasure through technology such as cinema, DVD, Internet, music, concert or theatre tickets, football, tennis or any other kind of entertainment, holiday resorts, saunas, swimming pools, entertainers, restaurant visits, hotel atmosphere and luxury cars, luxury liners, new clothes, jewels or whether it is simply the tourism industry; the human goes into debt because he wants to live now and today, in the sense of enjoyment and no longer asks what tomorrow will be!

The desire for beauty and eternal life on earth becomes greater and greater and the goals of "trade" become higher and higher, because more and more wishes of the end consumer have to be sought and found!

At the end of this national economy one finds that money is consumed and used for things which to a very high proportion have no lasting value and must always be produced and consumed anew so that the end consumer can serve the economy!

Plastic and chipboard, leather, wood or valuable metals, stones or crystals are processed together, using labour and also assembly line work to produce something that at most lasts a generation, but usually ends up in the rubbish after a certain time, to create or produce new and different articles of daily use or luxury articles as well as some kind of fantasy or object that is marketed by advertising and then has to be produced by the companies, whereby one very often wonders whether it was not the environment that financed this "produced crap" and it was not the human being through his labour or hands working; not to mention the overproduction of many products! 

The following economic boosting package II you will now please pack:

You will please use these 6.5 billion Euros, which are budgeted for the school system, by recruiting suitable teachers, also partly the off-duty teachers, to make themselves available for education for adults and for the education of children.

Furthermore, please will the professors of the universities, including the off-duty ones, be called to the floor to provide suitable teachers, because a teacher is not only a profession but a vocation, which means that a providence exists and is present!

You will make the separation of classes and schools as already fundamentally established (separate classes of girls and boys) and you will leave to the teaching staff the "decision" for the career of a child regarding education through a secondary school by providing the teaching staff with the appropriate position which includes a certain power!

You will work together with the students and with the parents who are currently unemployed or Harz 4 recipients as well as with volunteer housewives or entrepreneurs or whoever wants to be involved to ensure that the schools become safe, clean and usable again through a new coat of paint or through repair work.

A sports field and playground is also important for the pupils, and asphalted areas can quickly be turned into grassy areas.

A gymnasium is not mandatory, but would also be useful and necessary.

You are welcome to integrate specialist businesses so that school leavers can familiarise themselves with a possible apprenticeship straight away!

Religious education is a main subject and only goes in one direction, without exception; and that is the Christian teachings of the Roman Catholic Church!

It is therefore imperative that the teaching positions be filled by people who have already proven themselves as a Christian, and these may then, for example, gladly be the Protestant dignitaries of the Protestant Church, but a Roman Catholic** is more credible as a teacher for religious education and thus irreplaceable. ((No longer applicable).**

Again in plain language: One must now begin with the study places by suitable professors, who must be able to determine and recognise an assessment of the student for the profession of a teacher.

Further, the faculty, very well trained by practice as a classroom teacher, must then be able to identify and recognise if he or she is teaching a student in his or her class who is destined for a predetermined profession, but the faculty must become particularly attentive if there is a discernible vocation.

A vocation exists for the profession:

A faculty member, i. e. a male or female teacher.

Of a doctor or (rather rarely) a woman doctor.

A politician.

A nun.

A clergyman.

*An identifiable predestination to the status of, for example, a scientist or an engineer should also be noted and encouraged.

It would be fatal to a functioning cycle of life if especially the last-mentioned state of a called clergyman were not recognised and promoted, which is strictly and firmly coupled and connected with the Monumental-Realm!

In other words, you and others will not leave a mountain of debt to the children, but you and others will clean up this dirty and broken "pigsty" and create an order in which people from the Third World can also be included, starting with the children and for the children.

Only through the children will you and every other people move into a security that has a true foundation and a future.

Move your sick "ass" and change your broken structure for a possible order, but at the same time the technical possibilities in diversity and individuality must serve to leave the deadlocked track and to keep and expand the control for something "strange" to be able to dismantle it in the end through a takeover.

Come up with something, and each in his own place in a small group, for you and others are not squeamish about publicity after all!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch


HP: The fact that girls and boys must be clearly and distinctly separated from each other at school is something I probably don't need to justify, as there are already enough letters describing the way and the goal of a possible future!

*On 2 September 2021 text added.