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Ursula Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany        

To the World Bank Group                                


1818 H Street

N.W., Washington, D.C. 20433


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Germany, Luebeck, Monday, 24 June 2002

Free English translation on 1 Septembe 2021.

Funding Pot / Support / CC to all Banks and Credit Institutions

Please, let the German-language writing be translated into all commercial languages and let the translation be signed with the name and the function of the translator.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the upper

End Consumer Class!

It is high time for you, too, to take note of the existence of your Authorities by being confronted with reality through these special lines.

Your Empress, who also has to bring you and your kind through the life you are yet to know, is now writing to you in order to keep an order that has already been established.

For this reason you will now please inform yourselves of the real situation in which we all find ourselves together and you will subsequently have to obey accordingly!

Your Empress demands from every single so-called house-owner, land-owner, shareholder, owner of valuables, large land-owner, lord of a castle, industrialist, factory owner, owner of a sailing hunt from every millionaire/ millionairess or multi-millionaire/ billionaire* a very precise list and balance-sheet  of how you and your ilk and all capitalists worldwide have come to own vast property.

You will please think through your entire career ladder, list all the business you have done and base the resulting total wealth or ownership in writing.

If, accordingly, you have come into substantial property or capital by inheritance, you are requested to itemise this inheritance, for the money can only in very rare cases have been honestly earned to a more substantial amount.

Either the money will have come together through speculation, fraud or through a gambling win, through investments* (industrialisation)* financed by others, through the credit institutions, financial institutions and through imposture, or it is a matter of a superman or superwoman who earned the money.

How do you actually justify an hourly wage of more than 30 euros compared to a craftsman?

What yardstick do you actually use and do you even have a yardstick?

As a high-income earner, what do you actually do every hour in this ratio, year after year?

In reality, it is an annual average attendance bonus with a spinner-chair function that you have to master, there is nothing more behind such bonuses!

Such a remuneration bears no real relation to a manual activity, whereby something was demonstrably created or moved through the use of physical strength or mental power, for example, even that of a teacher.

Please submit your annual income including all distributions and special remunerations.

Against this, please submit your annual performance. You will certainly all find that you have to pay back more than half and that the rest has been given to you.*

You measure your hourly wage by your own important presence, but not by your performance, which would be impossible even in these dimensions for a longer period of time for health reasons.

You cannot measure yourselves against a top athlete or actor, despite royalties and bonuses; these achievements are priceless, or are they not*, you sick nuts!

This is the balance-sheet that you too will face at some point; please remember that and pay off your mountain of debt!

You're just fooling each other, that's all there really is to it!

No one, no one except your Authorities can honestly have earned more than 100,000 euros for a house out of their own efforts.

If there should be anyone at all who has earned and saved 100,000 euros by his own efforts, then this person must have done without almost everything else that life can offer.

If there are indeed people who have "built" a house through such saved money and perhaps have also built the house through their own physical strength, these individuals are also requested to prepare the required list and balance-sheet. Of course, such property will be treated and recognised accordingly.

All others will feel the Cudgel of your Empress, especially if you or anyone else refuses to return the capital and assets that have been scammed.

This money will be paid into the common big pot and will go back or be invested fairly in or by all the states of the earth!

Now many of you will have feathered your own nest and it will be just those from whom no corresponding consideration can be demanded, because often these people are rather quite twisted and no longer have much to give back, so that your Empress must have a special eye on you, because these and also you should be brought through life.

First of all, you let the dirt into the house, then you were in on it and "made money" or profited from it and made sure* that you could get into an elevated position and security in order to be able to set yourselves apart.

Then you acquired a dog to guard your property, to protect your house and property so that you could enjoy peace, power, comfort and prestige.

Many of you then acquired cats and secluded yourselves abroad or own places and domiciles where you can retire several times a year.

As a rule, you have ensured that your offspring follow in your footsteps as well as a Porsche, Mercedes or a Ferrari. A title, an executive position, a degree and much more, even a heart or a kidney you could now buy for yourselves and your children. You should quickly realise that this is the end of your scammed, concocted dealings!

It's over now!

You will now get off your fat ass and inform your children about your so-called fortune. You will have to make it clear to your children that from now on riding a bicycle is the order of the day!

*You will be allowed to stay in your villas, houses and castles for the time being, as long as the Lord and Creator tolerates it, but please change one thing immediately; as the citizens of Luebeck, change to public transport or to the bicycle.

The taxi is also cancelled for you, unless you need to see a doctor, perhaps also because your Empress has had your bottom spanked.

You will now lie down in your bed every evening dressed in nightclothes and spend ten minutes thinking about what you have done in the matter and commission of the Lord, or what you will do about it the next day; otherwise your Empress will let beat the daylights out of you!!*

There is much to be done, especially for you and your kind this offer is valid.

Should you not give a corresponding consideration, then it will have to be settled in spankings by the invisible Cudgel of my person, no matter what age you have reached.

The older you are, the higher your final consumption has certainly become, better not forget that!

You will then certainly have children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren, to whom you will please put a stop financially and in every respect* to your exemplary would-be go-getter lifestyle!

Should you not be worth the trouble, then you will be removed and will certainly have to take over the upcoming service elsewhere.

There* you will not be questioned and fidgeted with for long, there it will go round and round and will also be obeyed!

Here on God's earth you have the opportunity to do service or to give a service in return for what you have done for yourself and others. Especially if you have knowledge of English and would-be-grand experiences, you should take the initiative and go for a longer period mainly to the USA* (Monaco/ Russia etc.*).

There you should contact the totally detached people and try to bring them back down to earth. Such help should be recognised and should be financially and humanly possible for you. If necessary, vacate the place you are currently occupying professionally.

Your Empress wants only seasoned personalities in leadership positions, but no clever, coked-up buffoons who can only think from today to tomorrow!

Take the places that are meant for you.

As a wife and mother, secure your child or children by taking up a paid housewife job and handing over your presumably "demanding" job to others! !

Please take care of your spouse and please inform your entire circle of acquaintances.

You will now all pay into the big pot.

 P. p.    


Please, let that German-language letter be translated and be handed over to your regular customers timely but not until the Cudgel of your Empress does work.*(Out of date).

April 30, 2010* (See date and * for revision and additions to letter).

This letter is now almost eight years old and has been swept under the table, like many a valuable letter, which when put together could make a priceless book!

In the meantime, many things have happened to me that are not right and that were not right. For this reason, in the course of the next period, everyone will leave their villa and move into a block of flats or a tent.

People who can show real life achievements will be allowed to move into the vacated villas for the time being or remain resident in the villa, otherwise these villas will be available empty for emergencies. (Refugee policy)***

In my opinion, a real life achievement would be, for example, the following:

To have raised more than two children, all of whom have grown up as mentally healthy people, and to have had grandparents, great-grandparents or a remaining parent integrated into the family life.

To have given birth to a child who knowingly did not develop healthily or normally in the womb during pregnancy, without knowingly being at fault by not aborting it and not passing it on to others, but raising and caring for it oneself.

Having foregone a career or additional income by caring for one's sick parents or remaining parent and integrating them into one's life at one's own expense.

As a Christian, having successfully ensured that people in the poorer regions of the world become equal human beings and do not have to strive because of hunger, misery and disease. As a Christian and as an affected person of non-Christian cultures, has ensured that the truth of the story of Creation and the resulting commission prevail in the matter without wars and bloodshed.

As a human being, stood up for the higher right to have the highest priority over one's own life and, if necessary, staked one's life or health for the higher right.


An already had abortion by both parties involved does not in principle allow a right to live in a villa or a house, let alone in a castle!

These are guidelines against which measurement is possible, for my opinion is law in this our situation and time!  

***01 May 2021