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Disaster Operations

No one can really trust themselves any more, .........

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the

United Nations UN Office- Geneva


Palais des Nations

8-14 Avenue de la Paix

CH-1211 Geneva 10


Luebeck, Saturday, 3 July 2004

Free English translation on 2 September 2021.

Disaster Response/ CC  To all Embassies Worldwide.

 The Geman-language document you may find here!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Disaster Response,

Dear Firefighters,

Now you firefighters have to go out again to do your job in the petroleum harbour in Hamburg, salvaging the acid tanker.

With many difficulties and preparing precautions, you often have to risk your lives for such salvage operations, and it has often been made known that one or the other of you has lost his life in the process, has been flown to hospital with burns, or has become a cripple.

In the course of the current salvage operation in the petroleum harbour, oil also leaked from the ship's oil tanks, which will not be small pools of oil, because such a ship has quite large oil tanks on board.

Only the real question that arises for my person is quite clear:

What kind of men are you that you have to take on such and such salvage operations and risk your life and health in the process, even though these kinds of disasters are becoming increasingly frequent?

Why didn't a responsible group leader of the fire brigade or simply a fireman who almost lost his life in an operation to speak up in the right place just once and show the gentlemen in the leather armchairs behind the desk which way to go?

Why do you, as those directly affected, allow some of the shipowners who have sufficient connections and means to ship such cargoes as sulphuric-acid or oil across the world's oceans, although it should have become clear very often that this is not possible, as many animals and the ecological cycle will perish as a result of a possible shipping accident?

Why are you too cowardly to criticise quite clearly the so-called people in charge, who otherwise continue to position themselves and try to pretend to be serious.

You as firefighters, for example, would have had the opportunity today via a radio station to say quite clearly that it is irresponsible to want to transport such cargoes in such quantities across the seas.

One could almost think that you and your colleagues need these kinds of orders so that your jobs remain secure and so that you can receive confirmation in your work; but what would be the case if, as a result of such an accident, thousands of people had lost their lives or had been paralysed on one side or had to go on living in whatever way due to severe poisoning?

And what about the underwater wildlife and the seabirds?

After all, you are the ones who are confronted with these extents on the ground, so why can't you bring people to their senses who are drinking their coffee in a cosy office far away from the action?

Due to the high rate of unemployment, I guess almost no one can afford to speak up anymore because there are a thousand others who would take any job that brings in money and recognition.

Instead of recognition, you and your entire circle of colleagues now have to listen to or read this criticism, because you, as experts directly on the spot, saw and recognised the extent of the disaster and would have been and are obliged to avoid further disasters of the same or similar kind by clearly presenting the risks and the significance of the disaster.

You will be in the right if you will push for safety precautions or bans on all shipments of hazardous materials.

It cannot be that a minister wants to push through such and such transports just because he wants to be on top in the economic competition and everything else has to take a back seat, even the safety and health of the people.

You as firefighters have to dive into the depths, not knowing whether you will come back in one piece or at all.

A president, a minister, a chancellor or member of parliament, on the other hand, may, through his philosophy of life, visit a brothel more often and enjoy himself there, or he may already have an underground home built for an emergency, or, more likely, he may have already bought a home in the sunny south and a fat account at the bank on top of that property.

These kinds of people have also partly given their consent to nuclear transports consisting of nuclear waste such as nuclear fuel rods.

These and other people who would at worst be dismissed from office, these people give the order and their consent and supposedly want to be able to take responsibility for it.

What should this responsibility actually look like?

As a rule, it remains with a request for resignation, which is granted, or in very obvious cases, dismissal from office follows, which can also be coupled with a fine.

But no one seems to demand a resignation or ask who is responsible, because no one can take responsibility for such a dangerous situation or such a transport! That's the way it is and you as people at the front should have made that very clear long ago.

Incidentally, this applies to every person in his or her place, and not only to the people in disaster control!

As a rule, a politician does not care at all what happens to this or that worker; politicians have become alienated from the people through their activities in the public arena; it is only through election campaigns that they come closer to the people in order to recover from the election campaigns afterwards. Even a Federal Cross of Merit no longer carries as much weight as a clear word at the right time and in the right place.

Please keep this in mind for a future!

Furthermore, my person wishes that people who are in the decisive places and who cannot show any insight will themselves participate on the spot in the respective disaster response and in such a way that no one from your ranks is additionally endangered.

If these people are extremely clumsy and awkward, please put them in  scuba gear and throw them into the water. Perhaps these people will then be better able to handle responsibility in the future, should they still have the opportunity.

The same now applies to those who have carelessly allowed nuclear waste to be disposed of. In fact, nuclear waste containers are sometimes lying on the seabed, even though the atom cannot stop reacting.

This chain reaction has now been captured in special pressure vessels or in special containers and disposed of in very different places. This nuclear waste is also often stored in old salt reservoirs or even in caves.

The responsibility here is that those who invented and marketed the atom must be held accountable in the first place, followed by the politicians who were of the opinion that the nuclear age had dawned.

No one should have used these energy sources as long as there was not and is not the possibility of interrupting or neutralising a chain reaction. If it had been otherwise, man might still have had the right to use this energy, but this was not and is not the case.

Should the case arise that the salvage of nuclear waste becomes acute and that these containers require permanent guarding or a transfer into larger containers, then those who wanted to be responsible for the so-called nuclear age will be called in for this activity and only then will you again have to risk your lives as full-time experts for the safety of thousands of people.

In my opinion, these salvages are necessary all over the world, but whether every state will voluntarily name its nuclear waste dumps, that is the question here, and whether those responsible then and now will also do their duty, that is the second question, but there will probably be no other choice for the people in question.

On the contrary, these people, also especially the older ones among those responsible, should recognise this task as an opportunity for themselves, no matter whether they will come out of these danger circles alive or dead, because otherwise everyone, whether woman or child, will possibly pay for it!

P. p.  Empress


Please also inform the specialists at the front through this letter, as they will also have a say in the matter!

2 September 2021/ It is possible that the Monumental-Area will indirectly take over this very dangerous situation mentioned, should HE finally become capable of acting!