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Empress Ursula, Rübenkoppel 1, 23564 Lübeck, Germany

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Luebeck, 2004, January Saturday 03rd 

III. Version you may find here perhaps for a better understanding.


II . Version

Alarm-Clock/ CC to Everybody

CC To the cultural programmers for all listeners and to various jobs as a printed matter.  

Please, let that German-language letter be translated in many different languages and handed over to the right places.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, My Dear Kindergarten,

Although still it is not Thursday today (in German Donnerstag, day of thunder), however, it has already made "Bam". More than thirty thousand people from another culture were killed in order to make it clear  in your naive and carefree level.

Soon it will also certainly bang powerfully, then it is over and everything will have an awful beginning by the end. In such a way one explains to children the circuit of life, which must strike back, until it breaks down.

Just now, many informed creatures play already very long exactly in the same way with the health, with the time and with the life of the Authorities, which had to manage for themselves the place, on which they belong first of all.

However, of course one may make no concessions to such personalities; one does it do in no case, because thereby one sets oneself a little in the offside as a result and this really won't work in this way, will it?

Only pay attention everybody, that there will not be still people, those did not bend so deeply and were so cheap and corruptible, like the usual rest! Every individual at his place could have caused something reasonable, while he would have examined the connections of cause and effect.

However, one would have to speak up then and one would have to inform the immediate supervisor about one´s knowledge, even at the risk to be regarded as an uncomfortable journeyman.

Everybody would have been able to manage something at his place, at which he was set, when one might be carried out a reasonable activity, which is based on a reasonable course acquired by honest work and intelligence as well as diligence and fits in a healthy and natural economic circuit.

This is valid for every field as for the field in the health preservation and not only against the fight of illness; this is valid for the protection of the family and not just for the huge number of social service places.

Of course this is valid for the prevention of famines and precaution of infectious diseases in the poorer and poorest areas of the world and not only for the abatement of famines. This is not at least also valid for the protection and the preservation of the earth, which was quantitatively exploited by chemically or generated power already for several generations.

Everybody can have a look at the produced products, particularly in the gift shops also by the greetings cards, by this the greatest nonsense is set up and is bought and where the state of a culture is clearly to be seen.

If one has a look at the DIY stores or the car houses, everybody can see, how the building material and valuable materials are high stacked like copper, brass, chrome, nickel and steel, titanium and aluminium, even leaf gold and noble crystals are to be found there.

If the products do not fit quantitatively any more in the shelves or in the time, then come the big bargain buys to the line, with it one can order again to do that to prevent the raising number of the unemployment to secure some work places, but therefore the unemployment will farther have consequences at other places in this manner, because the products must be sold under the real value.

No shop assistant and really no authorized representative, not to mention the management will be able to want to change something in these and other states, because nearly everybody is aimed on turnover without loss of time, where write-offs, discounts, insurance damages, stocks, the rent, personnel costs and before all things, the thefts are included in the price calculation and a lot more.

It is known, that the retail trade speaks only just in the FRG of a very high theft rate with an increasing tendency, which goes into the millions and it is spoken of a dark figure of about billiards. 

Nobody, simple no one starts to think and to think again about the fact, that on the one hand children are already involved in this theft rate as a result and thereby the damage has already become quite drastically for every individual.

On the other hand there are dissatisfied, unemployed people, where one must speak also from a million number in this cases, which by questionable professional states like department store detectives, which make trapper hunter and bonus hunter from a person, the number of the unemployed persons is increased, since one nearly can renounced the sales staff.

In addition electronic cameras are used and also the products are protected by electronic acoustic signals to  mark a thief. 

Shame on you!

You let disordered people up to another property and then you and people like you put these people in their place and call the police!

This very considerable damage and the resulted costs normally bear the least of the society and with them their family, too.

Such an easy calculation, the billiard amounts by stolen goods on the one hand and the high unemployment rate on the other hand makes a difference between tall and small thieves, you naughty louts, you!

You and others let set up mousetraps everywhere; the one who gropes into the trap, is guilty himself, isn't he?

If one responds to his supervisor in this regard, one gets an arranged answer, because business concatenations will anyway have its advantages and disadvantages, which are marked by an immobility in the management and by settled minimum sales, that nothing has to do with the need of the inquiry, but with the desire to steer up wishes by the trained advertising companies and price hits.

The fact is, it will not be possible for anybody, who would have enough mental power, to operate with reasonable price-service politics, because just these ones are not able to step out of the line to assert their position, because these people themselves currently will be stuck personally in a considerable credit dependence e. g. by purchase of an owner-occupied apartment, a terraced house or a car.

In this regard almost no one any more is flexible enough to be able to give voice to legitimately.

Thousand others are waiting for a position of leadership, by what one would have pleasure expensive trips, a house or also a motor yacht and gladly want to use all other comfort, which life can offer.

Corruption and balance forgery in connection with expensive business trips in the higher floors are a daily occurrence. So easily nobody gives up carelessly a place of work, which protects the third monthly salary, royalties, vacation pay, Christmas bonus and the personal statues is respected by others. 

Already an adolescent is advised to take up a building loan contract by the banks and insurances and very fast one has gone into a dependence, which one cannot and could not yet overlook generally as a young person.

Now it becomes even tighter on the labour market and if always more service is required and stress is determined in everyday life, then the next colleague has to pay for it, who can manage more and still can do more service.

There are enough methods and ways to make life difficult for a colleague, whether by the manipulation of the hand tools like a PERSONAL COMPUTER, by false pretences or suspicions or by a calculated illness absence, while it is worked underhand with chemicals and tablets.

Also already it goes so far to manipulate or damage the driving possibility of his colleague to travel to work and there are farther possibilities to get the place of work and lots of other things.

However, almost every manager will not spare his highly qualified employee an accumulation with work, that hardly is to be mastered by anybody, to prevent, that this employee never can get in a suitable manner to his higher post by letting him overstrained for such a position.

Should somebody assert himself at his work place, nevertheless, that one differs very clearly from others by means of his ability, his qualification and his independence, then all hell has broken loose!

Every individual suddenly starts to think and thinks intensively, by the way, what is already valid for the family life unfortunately.

Quick comrade-in-arms are found themselves whereby the cycle is increased daily namely as long until either this difference neutralizes itself or until the affected person quits his job, but just at the next combine it will become a little bit more difficult to move his ideals and ideas, because there are very fast prejudices resulted by quitting the job.

Now this person must restrain himself quite clearly to be able to make his living at all, because, seldom there will be somebody among the colleagues, who would testify, that it was not like this and has been completely different, because everybody is anxious to move other ones into a lower level, in order that the distance is prevented, which can exist between certain people.

What should have been a matter of course, nowadays has become a act of self-overcoming, which should be well considered before telling the truth or to clear up a misunderstanding, because the competition does not sleep!

As a good observer one can recognize with horror the short, flickering up glossiness in the eyes of a creature, which can be based itself on a misfortune of others, e. g.  by making false pretences.

If one is not ready to gossip about others at the work place, one already is regarded as an eccentric, as ill or as a maverick, you nasty rabble, you!

Yes, working life looks like that but not only this way.

It is common to find out attacking points and weak points of a qualified colleague; also the family of the concerned person will be included in this aspects.  

In such a way one can swamp a beautiful, successful, venerable woman with work, by this she soon looks like her own grandmother.

One will do the same with a successful, venerable man, when he will keep away from his family by lavish work and responsibility, so that his wife and his children as well as his whole family thereby will be put into the offside. !

It seems not seldom nowadays, that after work small celebrations take place in the company, which allow the one or the other to put the whole team in an adventure by good organization by means of hostesses, colleagues or by an excursion to a cathouse.

Sooner or later a beautiful wife and mother of a dangerous competitor may pay the bill for her trust, which she had put into colleagues of her husband or into the company of her husband, will she not?

Not seldom such a scamp will try it in this way, who maybe has never had a beautiful woman or has already destroyed his wife or perhaps even the marriage blessing will be hang crook. 

Often the marriage blessing is crooked, only because the wife has a legitimate distrust towards the company and the colleague's cycle and the husband thereby lost his real freedom and independence.

In addition especially in working life a qualified women is looking for a suitable man occupying in a leadership position; it is not asked any more whether this leadership person is married or has still even children.

This so-called qualified, understanding and self-confident, helpful woman's-society maybe has already been through a disappointment and now needs absolutely a made home, that can be arranged by allegedly good friends of the colleague's cycle.

That what busied the woman`s-society earlier, nowadays busies already a so-called man.

Almost nothing worse could happen, than as if a man uses the same tactics, the identical motives and the identical signals and movements like a woman and like a cunning woman in order to reach to his destination.

Do not underestimate this clear statement, because for a woman there is nothing that can be more fatal than to be married to half a woman!

Many young girls as well as younger women cannot perceive this cultural change any more and therefore can not differentiate any more precisely, with whom they have been involved, what so easily will not be changed or even will be corrected overnight!

Now, it goes on in the text and in working life, because it is not quite easy to have comparatively half a child as a supervisor, particularly as a qualified personality, only because these ones are presumably healthier and will have lower salary wishes or because these ones could possibly take up an expensive training.

Also it will not be quite easy for a man to keep normal by been accepting a woman as a supervisor.

Equally this is valid for a normal woman, because a woman can accept basically only a man as her supervisor, unless it is a question of a person, who was ordered by God’s mercies and has been commanded to do a task, what can be even unique actual. Then in this case neither the gender nor the age of this personality does matter.

However, there are determinations for special professions also for a woman namely as a doctor, as a nun* or as a teacher, where a normal superior relationship is given.

Now, however, we do not exist any more in a culture, which has stayed normal and because of that it is also not asked any more for a norm.

The practice in working life exists concerning this matter of a random crew, that everyone can also recognize by the questionable products and by the politics on prices, which are put on the market daily.

Almost on top such people will sit exclusively, who have met the prerequisite of working life; namely these ones had started to think and to think intensively, when it depended on taking a working place and holding it. If there are demonstrable personalities as e. g. the Empress, my person, those did not bend by the mentioned resistances at the wrong place and even though can prove a very high achievement, then you and other ones should take note of it in time and adjust yourselves correctly accordingly or also subordinate, otherwise, you will worsen your situation and the situation of others quite considerably.

The more you and others try to disregard the higher right of three Ones, ever strictly you and others will have to be led by means of the Monumental-Area.

The longer you allow to play with these values, the longer the Empress allows to let play with you. The more you arrogate the matter to yourselves, the more the Empress will see that may luxury will be taken away from you.

These measures will lead my person on the basis of her position by the mastery of her Cudgel, which once obviously has already become visibly active to be able to undertake the entire Federal Armed Forces and the BGS later.

Quite massively the Empress will proceed against this twisted association, while in Germany, Luebeck concerning this a beginning will be made in order to arrange simultaneously both a parallel-connection control centre and a resting place for the world, which shall be administered of a  German Prince, with it other cities may follow.

Not just for fun you will have to get to know obedience in order to be able to be free people one day again, however, unfortunately, it is still a very long way and will be walked hardly.

My person is well grounded in the required knowledge en gross and in summa to be able to conclude from the effect on the cause, which will presumably coincide with the practical realizations of other ones.

Fact is, there are a lot of boring "greasy cloths", which want to feed themselves on life and do not control their cravings any more.

Regardless of children, adolescents and the coming generations which these ones are risking, that soon it will make "Bam" certainly again, because nobody else wonders anymore, how a further escalation of the earth and the number of the deaths could be checked or be prevented at all.

In this regard the corresponding writings are also available long ago.

The Empress will be able to take over the mud by her Cudgel and by other possibilities but the true Clergy may never forget to keep an eye on such creatures mentioned above.

Also the responsible financial institutions have to take care of it, please, that each debtor comes out as a model object of his debt trap, while accordingly to his financial relations a return service is demanded in accordance with his financial circumstances.

The people in power, please, also have to take care of it, that for everybody a fixed rate as a housekeeping allowance should be available, no matter, whether it will be a question of a big income earner or an unemployed person.

Again are corresponding writings already available in this regard, so that by a longer transitional period, the herewith is announced, nobody can be cheated out of his possession, which he has worked for honestly. As for the rest money and wealth have any more the same value as they had still some years ago.  

The church tax will be regulated by law, what belongs exclusively to the Roman Catholic Church, which will be responsible for the financial basis of the secular Protestants and at any time also for the denomination leaders of other cultures; is it by a firm employment in school system, in politics, in the training fields or how and wherever desired.

For these and other fields further writings are already available, which are capable of development. Maybe my person will still write letters about the commensurability between the invisible and visible rays, the substances of the.......................and all the rest of it.

At this level my person certainly will come up with even more in this boring and "flared off" association.
My person needs only a quick look and knows enough about a person. Exactly for this reason, please, take care in your own interest, that the Empress can concentrate upon new, important tasks, which she will not be able to master from Germany, Luebeck.

However, my wishes and my claims are not exaggerated. My time runs short however not yet has run out. My patience is strained, however, not yet to the end and in such a way I still do hope for the Emperor as well as for the King.

My stubbornness still is unbroken and approves with the exception of King Juergen and Emperor Diethard any other opinion and any alternative; so that you must start now thinking and thinking intensively, however, please, in the right direction!

You do better not forget, that it is not the task of the Empress getting a gloriole, what you particularly will see concerning* the arrangement by measures for certain people and groups. 

Particularly concerning the restructuring of every self-service-shop and every business concatenations to lower the unemployment rate and the theft rate, my person has a fixed conception, because quite more than twenty years already the whole matter deals with no little thing!

Not in vain the Creator has decided on my person, however, the citizen of Luebeck including the vicinity of Luebeck may prepared themselves for something special in this regard!

The whole mud has been given to the account of the Empress and there it is exactly the right place, you old, terrible, half an animals, you!

HP:  My person too would prefer your easy lifestyle and the easy lifestyle of others to the bitter truth.

On behalf of


Please, let this long letter be divided up into different sections for your listeners or let it be read by your staffs at workplaces.                    

    * 2012 April 23