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All roads lead to Rome....


Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the

Roman Catholic Church

Austria, Switzerland, Germany


Luebeck, 2005, March 11th 

CC Worldwide

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Orphans/ CC/ Protestant Church

Please, let the German-language letter be translated in many different languages and be handed over to the correspondingly places.


Dear Spiritual Sirs, Dear Clergy, 

Today is not indeed Thursday, the day my person should thundering around; today already is Saturday, but tomorrow is Sunday, your day for thundering, shout you still know at all, for which reason also once a hard word is needful in your sermon.

The prior natural disaster in South-East Asia, which without fail has its origin in the contemporary history and which has had to do with the strong volcano eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes and weather changes, brought the humanity together for a short moment.

The speech is from the Tsunami, released by a seaquake in Indian Ocean with the strength of 9.0 on the Richter scale.

This disaster came unexpectedly and demanded many deaths in a centre, which is known as a tourist paradise at a time, where the tourism also booms; the speech is from Christmas time.

The next disaster with much fewer injured persons and deaths followed in Iran, thus it is foreseeable and very likely that these disasters will be only the beginning from the end, because if the earth and the atmosphere has got from the balance and it is held almost with nothing against this imbalance, excepted good intentions, which are planned for the future, then good night Marie! 

Now the question is raised, what starts actually precisely and what stops? 

The first what has to stop that is your humility compared to others according to the motto: who  rises oneself will become abased and who abases oneself will become risen.

You had and you have got enough mental power and enough bases or could appropriate this to lead your “little sheep“, but you did not get it in order to watching as everything and everybody are driven in the wrong direction and this without still being able to note it generally, because e. g. the tourisms promoted furthermore and even will be sponsored.

More and more and on and on more distant trips are offered more and more favourably, even if our earth almost collapses or at least the signs become already clearer and clearer for it.

Now you nevertheless wonder what the one point should have to do with the other.

The leisure centres and hotel chains increase and increase also high to the sky.

There are taken out or fetched from earth more and more raw materials and that more and more swiftly. Afterwards this materials are distributed all over earth what one can recognize also by the gigantic and steadily growing garbage dumps and one can recognize it by the values of the ground water. 

The earth's crust was regularly obstructed namely in all directions; on the one hand upwards and on the other hand downwards as well as large-area.

The earth's crust was stuck with asphalt and concrete or was splinted as well as hardened by the canalization, steel beams, railroad rails and by a lot more, so that the earth's plates had to become more and more non-flexible and hardener.

At one place of earth the oil is highly pumped, at the other place subterranean nuclear tests or also unnecessary forest clearances are carried out. Here it is hoarded and there it is polluted, here are generated hollow cavities and there skyscrapers and piles of rubbish et cetera and so forth.

The whole happened not only during some years in the big style by quite primarily artificial energy sources, it happened in the last quarter of the past millennium however nobody felt and feels actually responsible for the insatiable consumption.

Also nobody wants to name the signs of time properly and clearly,  because, otherwise, the whole national economy would be questioned, that with increasing years concentrated  absolutely at least to 90 percent upon the consumption and was thereby built up, so that by an ending of the uncontrolled consumption would break the economic cycle down now.

Now therefore the exit of the artificially controlled consumer behaviour (worldwide growth) is apparently not realizable any more.

These costs, this damage and this wasted time have to be adjusted for those, who do not cause this damage and for those, who are not yet in the world.

Nevertheless, also for those people, who lived  or had lived still  in quite another style on earth and handled still differently with the values also took care of their descendants by practiced renunciation, recognized boundaries and kept them.

This lifestyle could become realized before decades and in such a way thus the clock must be turned back again on a reasonable state now.

No doubt you as clerics could stress with a certain good feeling by the big worldwide aid operation in South-East Asia that the humanity moves closer together and helps itself mutually, if it depends on it.

You and others forgot only something and have hardly mentioned it; the whole happened in a very popular and desired tourist destination, there where all wishes, which a tourist can have, are satisfied and this should remain certainly like that or must be rebuilt thus, so that one can relax in bad times there again.

Not everybody has these ulterior motives, there was and are still many people, who have thought really exclusively to the victims and to the surviving relatives and helped, therefore, by cash donations or by direct help on site.

However, why for example Somalia was hardly mentioned, there were also 200 dead people, who left several hundred members, maybe because there were no films of the disaster and of any tourists on site?

These shown pictures, in order to be honest, were also for me worth seeing to get to know and to be able to acquaint myself with forces of nature and to get a picture of the disaster on site. These pictures were and are valuable however they were also abused to a big part also as action pictures.

Many locals died because these people could not stay in the high and of robust construction hotel buildings and therefore they left victims also many children; they left children as orphans in an area, there where the tourism feeds the people!

After several weeks this frightful fact did not come up for the discussion.

Nobody, no person pronounced it what the connoisseurs of these vacation sorts will precisely know; after this disaster there will be even more sex tourism by those, who are staying without parents or without members of the family and so they will be to the consumer's mercy. 

From these affected children, who could receive maybe even a school education by the generous donations, a great many will certainly have to work for the tourism and will land “on the game", always provided, that the world will turn even further!

Where have you been as clerics and where are you today in all humility? Where did you hole up and behind whom you are hiding then actually, always? 

Now end is with your cowardice and your indolence and your afternoon coffee party after divine service. You will ask please, "your little sheep” to send those on the way, who are still up to travel and still able to clamp down on this mentioned subsequent disaster on site.

You should be able to have to consider very precisely what you are going to undertake, so that it would be allowed to you and your parishioners sitting pleasantly together after divine service.

Instead of already let splash around in the stem cells of the humanity or let carry out artificial impregnations to order and to clone people, you will take please, care of it that the child wish of every woman and mother are fulfilled completely by every orphan's child in the world will receive parents. 

Every individual has to insert himself rightly in this, our end, to do without and to aim lower, particularly those people, who have also watched as from the living space of the mankind were made a lot of very stupid and costly but expensive leisure arrangements or pleasure centres.

You will send please, "your little sheep” on the way, especially also to Africa because of the many AIDS orphans, to Romania, India, Thailand, Korea and so forth.

You will know better than my person where the "devil" concerning this had and has its finger in the pie.

You won't let make from Our Lord a stupid “clown” as you please, do not subordinate yourselves to mankind and at last you have to take up position! You and others could not handle with the freedom properly, because also you let it come so far till that the end already stands in front of the door; however, even this you could not yet realize so properly!

Now my person and some few people stand almost alone with an ill, inane and very naive “horde of little sheep”, like so many, many children in the world, who also stand there all alone and are set on themselves.

There help no millions candles, there helps not an one-time donation, there help only actions, something actual and a moveable help by the courage and the renunciation of luxury of every individual. It helps a clear concept, which must be worked out and must even fit in the entire economic cycle as well as in the circuit of live.

The concept is already available; it requires from every person a complete conversion of his whole life, since it is a matter of a homogeneous culture.  In the concept certainly belongs and fits in the orphans from the African, Russian, German, Romanian, Latvian, Indian, Bulgarian region etc., however, particularly it concerns regarding this the German-speaking families and also the German culture of the fifties.*

Besides you should unconditional and unanimous bear in mind that brothers and sisters as orphans must stay together please, always without any exception.

This can mean for example for an Austrian family with one child that the family could increase on a seven-headed household. This is to be managed quite differently for every married couple and there can be any firm rules generally.

Everybody takes over what one just still is dare to do oneself; also with pleasure will be asked not only young adoption parents.

A voluntary base is the basic condition for a success; however, a certain achievement must become clearly transparent from everybody for all the other persons concerned.

Also the access by the colossal area must be allowed to be able to carry this supervision, because it cannot be right that the one makes it for the others without getting a return service. By this regulation the societies carry mutually by the general partnership and integrate other, poorer states, in which every state or every society once gets to know its rights and duties at first. 

The present rights of the population, particularly those of a liberal state education, will have to be limited for a longer transitional period; the duties will take place, so that a homogeneously democratic, however also a strict monarchy, can allow a true freedom, which then let make from the end a beginning.

The right on divorce and the freedom to commit adultery is substituted for example with the annulment of a marriage and has to be almost excluded therefore, because alternatively a woman and mother or a man and father cannot get involved in a true family.

Under a true family my person would call an at least five-headed household, because there exists in the certain sense an unspoken obligation opposite God to every person, which the person has to present to his Creator at the end of life.

Besides, the number of the children has a quite essential state and makes differences. Also the right education of the children in the true culture and teachings is quite an essential criterion, which protects a dissemination of the culture, also the faith, and allows therefore the continuity and life after death, the eternity.

These values shall be made unassailable. Of course belongs to it that the monarchy must be bound to the church and vice versa. Or in other words, the true church has to form the worldwide monarchy with a head and its connections. That should become true after demise of the authority, who exists of three persons. The masculine church head with his specific connection receives therefore the necessary worldwide power.

You will please, put one's money where one's mouth is, finally.  In the commission it is important first of all, that the orphans are to be allocated to their parents, if possibly to those married couples, who plan to stay together forever. The „Exchanging of the Wedding pairs“ (see concept) will take place for the general public only later then, when miracles are possible without obstacles.

Please, do always consider that nary life may be aborted away.

Life always will be had to carry to full term and must be born without nary exception in each case. In the case of the mother's wish  must in front of witnesses given the child free for the adoption to the correspondingly parents immediately!

The freezing of the sperms, ova and stem cells is to be prevented therefore consequently and immediate to stop as well as every further attempt to want to splash around or to intervene in the Creation, since one can never know, which subjects profit from this splashing, however my person already suspects it for a very long time!  

You are not quite innocent of this social states; also you will have to justify yourselves in front of our Creator concerning the education “of your little sheep”, or more precisely, particularly just no doubt, you!

Now, for the rest, my person does not stand there so completely alone anymore! Moreover, I can show two own children and three grandchildren from the viewpoint of my daughter, since my son still studies.

                               On behalf of


2005, March 13 Sunday    



In order to guard against misunderstandings:

The Royal Danish Ambassadors form under the direction of King Juergen, should he be ready for it, the worldwide governmental power. Therefore Denmark is the well-chosen state, which places the Ambassadors worldwide and not the Federal Republic of Germany.

February, 2011

The adoptions, particularly of the dark-skinned African children from the foreign cultures belong for the end in the planned fairy tale to be able to let cause a new beginning*. And also will be allowed the “Exchanging of the Wedding pairs”, with all what for natural reasons is belonging to it and all what is important for the family formation is enclosed......