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Transport of Dangerous Goods

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 Translation Version II on 01 May 2021

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To all TV -and Radio-Stations


CO /

Luebeck, Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Sulfuric Acid 

Please, let that German-language writing be translated in many different languages and be handed over to the right places. In this case please, be sent it over to the Danish Embassy in your country and to your government. 

Dear Sir or Madam,

How many letters do you still need, how twisted are you and to what extent have you let yourself be stupid? Every single person who deals in sulfuric acid, for example, is it as a manufacturer, a middleman, an insurance agent, a shipowner or a captain, should deal in advance with the reaction to such hazardous substances.

So was the route chosen for the sulfuric acid to be transported by water, wasn't it? It had to be, and especially when it comes to 500,000 liters of sulfuric acid, right? That could have made a nice bang with everything that goes with it, even if not even half of the sulfuric acid had leaked out.

You and others need a risk for a long time, that is quite obvious and you also know that horror reports are generally easy to sell through the news channels. Nobody will stand in the way in an emergency, even if some people had been burned with sulfuric acid or died from the dangerous gases.

Which insurance actually wanted to take over the insurance cover through such a bill of lading of this cargo ship and who issued the bill of lading and is responsible for it?

These people must have a screw loose somewhere for a long time or what did these people want to pay for such a possible disaster or in what form did they want to take responsibility?

These and others have also accepted the risk of a natural disaster without further ado, because in the event of force majeure the insurance would not have to cover the damage caused and so such a dangerous cargo was not prevented by any side.

The insurance company could not and did not necessarily have to reckon with a drunk captain. Here, too, the insurance will not have to pay for this damage, as various insurance clauses, as in this case the drunk captain, are at fault and the insurance cover expires.

This is not the first letter I have written in relation to the shipping companies and cargo ships carrying dangerous goods, but hopefully it will be the last.

You probably all see too many action films, otherwise you would have had such a dangerous cargo at least divided up in terms of quantity and chosen a transport route, whereby sulfuric acid cannot additionally react with another substance such as water, you ill, silly ........ ..........., You.

In an emergency you speculate with the risk demand of society and get away with it, because you simply no one can be sued for such a risk in court, which could have cost many people's lives due to the dangerous transport.

Also, no one will be able to prosecute you afterwards, if a person gets into a dangerous gust of wind containing sulfuric acid, as this will be invisible and perhaps also odorless, like many other substances that evaporate here and there.

My person also has to ask herself why sulfuric acid is needed in these quantities, what do you want to do with it or are you not producing more fertilizers?

Where do these quantities come from and where is its destination?

In the FUTURE, the question will also have to be asked, for example, where these amounts of lead come from and where they should go, where these amounts of plutonium come from and what they are needed for, where the oil comes from and who should pay for all of this?

You and others will have to get used to the fact that in the future the earth will no longer be a self-service shop and that the question will be asked beforehand who, why and how many substances are available, what they are needed for and where they are going.

You naughty, sick boys can still undergo something, because not a single letter from my person has been set up and written for fun or to pass the time.

At the top of the media, my person would also like to strongly recommend not to market songs like “Lost Paradise” or “The last song on earth has long since started” so that everyone can sing along and dance to it, right?

p.p. Empress

In the future, careful consideration will have to be given to how hazardous substances are to be transported and whether there is any need to do so!

If there is a need, the question must be in what quantities the transport must take place and what immediate measures can be used to neutralize or remove these substances in the case of emergency!