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Decision II

Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany

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Luebeck, 19 Nov. 2010

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Unemployment Letter/ Resolution

 The German-language document you many find here!

Dear Sir or Madam,

As already announced in my letter of 5 November 2010, I will in future also be interested in Third World recipes.

Unfortunately, one of them fits into the pre-Christmas season at the latest, which is hereby announced.

For all non-Christians worldwide, I have the rice recipe from Kenya demonstrated in the film ready, should the whole transaction be hindered or made more difficult by a state of non-Christian culture!


Excerpt from a letter dated: 5 Nov. 2010

I give you only a few more days...............

Empress ..................or would you rather have made a Rumpelstiltskin of me?

There are enough letters ready in the matter and there is enough evidence of my identity by others who must first learn to deal with the truth again.  Keep in mind that arrogance is not synonymous with ruling or leading, because that has to be learned!

And remember in your business dealings: Pack hits each other and pack gets along!


Regrettably, I see no other way than that now the cooking recipes of the Kenyans or Haitians will also be applied to the young, white-skinned Christians worldwide from the completed 16th year of age, whereby it will exclusively affect the girls, adolescents or young women up to the completed 37th respectively 39th year of age, as from the completed 38th respectively 40th year of age there will exclusively be animal food for all white-skinned Christians, whereby that decision is currently valid for 48th weeks and on the coming Monday 49th.

It cannot be that at this advanced stage, with the facts that exist, people in the world have to die of hunger or are aborted and you continue to "eat your way through" at my expense and at the expense especially of African children and young people from the poorest regions, to put it bluntly.

Recipe: See documentary "Hunger" /ARD of 25 Oct. 2010.


Water, main part is earth, mix some butter and salt and let it dry or bake, which cannot and will not harm especially many young girls or women, quite the contrary.

They will become natural people again, who do not only consist of artificial "play-acting", which is also very important for the children to be brought up by the affected persons!

Dosage: From the date, three days in a row per month of mud cake plus drinking water.

Each newly started month extends the resolution by one day. This means that from December 2010, there will be four days in a row on which only mud cakes will be available for food intake. 

The duration will be based on the date of receipt of all my demands and conditions (hunger/abortion) for the 16 to 18 year old youths, and on the ongoing measure of "the animal feeding resolution" for all other affected persons.

Exceptions prove the rule, as already communicated in the Animal Feeding Order Part I.

The boys, an adolescent or the young men have been contributing to this "broken" society in certain ways for long enough and, unlike the female sex, are not suitable for these measures.

However, those who have parents or grandparents from politics and business and who receive more than 300,000 euros in annual income as big earners, or whose parents or grandparents reach this amount, will have to walk around with shaved heads, i. e. bald heads, until the handover of global governmental power is neatly sorted out, but for at least 4 weeks so that the young people can reorient themselves.

Don't forget that 30,000 to 40,000 children have died every day for very low and trivial reasons in the meantime and continue to die just because you and your kind don't want to understand the seriousness of the situation and the consequences or else suppress them.

Surely all this does not fit into your "leading role" and into your film!

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

The Christmas gifts are cancelled for every Christian and will have to be returned to the merchant, with the exception of the gifts for the children. You have been living at my expense for too long, in that you are all still free to move about, but I will no longer tolerate the jugglery of a "perfect world".

It won't be long before I have a film break in this Luebecker madhouse and irreplaceable people are no longer available, but then no one will "mercy" you for sure!

14 April 2011

Every individual had and still has the choice to decide accordingly, because others will not be have enough to eat by play-acting, but only if one also bears witness as a contemporary witness to what happened, so that appropriate action can be taken!

Time is running out, according to the decision it is the eighth consecutive day for the mud cake supply.